The NiSCA card printers PR-C101 and PR-C201 are having END OF LIFE and will be discontinued. They are no longer available. All consumables and spare parts are available until Year 2026.

Card Printers

Printer for Plastic Cards and Smartcards

CardPlus offer a wide range of Plastic Card Printer from Dascom, Entrust / Datacard, Evolis, HID / Fargo, Luca, Matica, NiSCA, RTAI, Seaory and Zebra to satisfy all your personalization and encoding needs. We have the best printer for your application and volume requirements whether you would like to personalize your card in monochrome, thermal transfer-, color dye-sublimation or in high quality re-transfer technology.

If you would like to secure your plastic card with an additional transparent or holographic overlay (laminate) we offer Card printer that have an integrated Lamination station.

Each application has its own requirements and therefore CardPlus always selects the best possible technology for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further consultation to select the right product for your personalization needs –
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LUCA-40KM Retransfer Printer

The LUCA-40KM Retransfer printer represents the next development stage of enhanced card printing technology. This technology is suitable for full-surface over-the-edge printing and improved reliability.

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swiftcolor™ SCC2000D

The SwiftColor SCC2000D card printer sets several standards for the printing of plastic cards. Thanks to its advanced inkjet printing technology, the SwiftColor printer is able to print both ISO standard and XL plastic cards (55 x 172 mm) and, in addition, full color much faster and with higher resolution than conventional ribbon printing.

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swiftcolor™ SCC4000D

The SwiftColor SCC4000D is the ideal card printer for full-color printing and personalization of ISO, XL and even XXL plastic and paper ID cards in special formats.

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Swiftpro K60

The Swiftpro K60 double-sided retransfer card printer offers a high resolution of 600 dpi, enabling extremely clear, sharp results and even micro printing.

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Swiftpro K30D

The Swiftpro K30D card printer is a double-sided retransfer card printer with a resolution of 300 dpi. The robust Swiftpro K30D offers reliable and fast printing of ID cards and other plastic cards.

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Swiftpro K30

The Swiftpro K30 card printer enables retransfer printing at 300 dpi resolution. The robust Swiftpro K30 offers reliable and fast single-sided card printing.

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