The NiSCA card printers PR-C101 and PR-C201 are having END OF LIFE and will be discontinued. They are no longer available. All consumables and spare parts are available until Year 2026.

Secure Identification Solutions

Our Strengths

Planning, development and implementation of all types of customer-specific smart card solutions.

We deliver complete solutions for companies, the private sector and authorities, also in the various vertical markets.

RFID Chip Solutions

Chip cards, keyfobs and much more

Personalization Systems

Card and passport printers

Secure Documents

Passports, visa documents and much more

Security Solutions

  • Integrated database systems
  • National data acquisition systems
  • Biometric data acquisition & verification systems through AFIS, IRIS and face recognition technologies
  • e-voting systems
  • e-administration & distribution systems for the social sector
  • Registration systems for refugees
  • Integrated border control systems
  • Multi-functional e-service platforms

Solutions for

  • Identification & access control solutions
  • Multi-biometric security solutions for buildings and systems

Solutions for

  • e-Passport and e-Visa
  • e-driving license and e-vehicle registration
  • Identification systems for the military

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