The NiSCA card printers PR-C101 and PR-C201 are having END OF LIFE and will be discontinued. They are no longer available. All consumables and spare parts are available until Year 2026.


CardPlus is a consulting firm with a focus on customized, enterprise level, Identity and Security Management Solutions.

We offer a full range of Professional Services to build, transform, implement and manage our customized enterprise level security and identity solutions.


Starting from a simple personalized Loyalty card up to the encoding of a high complex Smartcard including letter shop – CardPlus, we can do it all!

Our service bureau personalizes all type of Plastic Cards and support various personalization methods including Thermo transfer-, Dye Sublimation-,Re-Transfer-printing, Laser Engraving and Embossing. We further offer encoding services for ISO Magnetic Stripe cards and most available Smartcards (contact or contactless chips).

If you like, we process your complete mailing. You only need to provide us with your data base and the draft letter and we take care of the personalization and the letter shop.

Project Management

CardPlus is one of the leading consulting firm for Project Management Services.

Due to our vast hands-on experience in designing and implementing secure travel and identification systems for governments and large public sector customers, we are uniquely positioned to understand your highly complex security requirements and translate the same into practical, workable solutions.

We support Enterprises, International Corporations and Governments to successfully implement their projects. Our key expertise is in the operational Project Management and include the setup of Project Management Offices (PMO) and Project Offices (PO) on all Enterprise, Program and Project levels.


CardPlus is a consulting company operating worldwide with over 20 years of experience in Plastic Card manufacturing, Security, Identification- & Personalization systems.

Our team of experienced consultants works target oriented and support you with the project planning, conception up to the entire project management.

We offer turnkey solutions that can be individually customized and integrated into an existing infrastructure. We are committed to deliver what was agreed upon and with our professional know how, the sustainable support services and great dedication we ensure that our customers remain satisfied. CardPlus is a long experienced industry specialist with many successful implemented projects and applications.

Software Development

We provide cutting-edge customized application development through our offshore software development platform, so that our customers can benefit from robust, scalable, cost-effective and customized software applications.


We have expertise in following areas:

  • Business Process Mapping Documents
  • Data Acquisition: Methodologies and Implementation Platforms
  • Data Migration from Existing/Legacy Systems
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Software Development: Java/.NET
  • Integration with Automated Fingerprint Identification (AFIS), Facial & Iris Recognition Systems
  • Smart Card Applications Development
  • System Architecture and Design
  • System Design Documents
  • System Integration, Cross-Vendor and Cross-Platform Integration, and System Testing
  • Technical Documentation
  • User Manuals

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